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Welcome to Gas Gas dirt-bikes. The most sought after motorcycles in the World when it comes to SERIOUS Enduro Class racing and riding. Through their continuous research and technical development, Gas Gas dirtbikes have become known for being one of the highest quality Enduro Class dirt-bikes produced today. A majority of Gas Gas models are still hand-built at the Gas Gas factory in Salt (near Girona), Spain.

Gas Gas began manufacturing trials bikes in 1985, enduro and motocross bikes in 1989, and quads in 2002.

The name Gas Gas literally means "to gas it" (to accelerate, give it the gas, turn the throttle - to go faster.) The Gas Gas founders have, at times, expressed misgivings about the chosen name inasmuch as that name causes confusion outside Spain. Others have joked that Gas Gas are so good that they had to name them twice. The slogan "Gas Gas = Fast Fast" was used by the US importer, Gas Gas North America, from 1999 - 2002 to try and help people understand the unique name. If you're looking for a RV to carry your dirtbike check out our great selection of Toy Hauler RV

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